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October Dedications: An Interview with Lucas Klein on the Poetry of Mang Ke

Back in action after a brief hiatus, Lee and Rob interview translator and professor Lucas Klein, whose most recent work, October Dedications, is a book of translations of the poet Mang Ke. Prof. Klein is best-known for his work with Xi Chuan, but gives a nice guided tour of historical trends in poetry translation, the differences…read more

Song Dynasty Ci and Liu Yong

  In the finest traditions of podcasting, Lee and Rob here discuss something they know next to nothing about: the poetry tradition of the Song Dynasty. Colloquial and relatable in ways that the Tang couldn’t have been, and which the Yuan and Ming weren’t, Song Ci remain some of the more popular poetic entries in…read more

Mao’s Last Poem

Arguably the single most important political figure of the 20th century, Mao Zedong was also an active poet whose works are still read and, more frequently, debated. How exactly do you approach the poetry of a man whose legacy includes some of the worst man-made disasters in history? By way of exploring this question, we…read more

Thinking of My Brothers on a Moonlit Night

  Today, we’re looking at one of Du Fu’s poems. We covered one of his works before, but his oeuvre is massive. Here is the poem for the day:       月夜憶舍弟   戍鼓斷人行,秋邊一雁聲。 露從今夜白,月是故鄉明。 有弟皆分散,無家問死生。 寄書長不達,況乃未休兵。   Thinking of my Brothers on a Moonlit Night   The drums of war have cut the roads…read more