Monthly Archives: April 19, 2017

Reading Between the Lines: A Discussion with Professor Stephen Durrant

  Well, this is it: our Aerosmith-on-Wayne’s-World podcast, the one where someone way out of our league is gracious enough to pay us a visit. We recently had the distinct privilege of sitting down with one of the U.S. academy’s most respected scholars on ancient Chinese texts: Professor Emeritus Stephen Durrant. Prof. Durrant is the…read more

Wait, Wait…Where’s Eddie Murphy?: The REAL Story of Mulan

No talking dragons. Little to no fighting. Lots of speeches. A woman warrior who just wants to go home and be a good, traditional daughter. And…rabbits? How exactly is this the Ballad of Mulan? Lee and I discuss the original story,¬†and find ourselves split over the extent to which it qualifies as a work that…read more