Mao’s Last Poem

Arguably the single most important political figure of the 20th century, Mao Zedong was also an active poet whose works are still read and, more frequently, debated. How exactly do you approach the poetry of a man whose legacy includes some of the worst man-made disasters in history? By way of exploring this question, we talk about Mao’s last known poem, a piece remarkable for its melancholy and, depending on how one reads it, sense of guilt.

Sharing Heartfelt Emotions

Loyal and steadfast towards the country in its troubles, did I ever fear face execution?

Now all under heaven is red, and on whom does the nation depend for its defense?

The task is still not complete, the body is weary, the hair is autumnal

This generation of yours and mine, will it endure to see its wish fulfilled, or will it lose it irrevocably?






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